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Milwaukee Film Festival weekend picks (Sep 30 - Oct 1)

Almost Sunrise

It is day nine and the second weekend of the of the Milwaukee Film Festival.  There are a lot of great films to see, but we have selected some of our favorites.

See our picks below.


Generation Startup Friday (3:30PM Fox Bay)

Starting your own business is the American Dream. For six entrepreneurs it might also be their American Nightmare. Follow the trials and tribulations of starting a business in 2016 in this doc.

Ovarian Psychos (9:45 at the Oriental)

This documentary is about a Chicana biker gang who rides through Los Angeles to reclaim their neighborhood, heal themselves, and make the streets safer for women. Yes. Yes. And more yes.

Liza, the Fox-Fairy (11:30PM at the Oriental)

This is your last chance to see Liza, the Fox-Fairy, billed as “Amelie with a body count” that’s exactly what it is. Take this opportunity to see it before the festival ends.


Milwaukee 53206: A Community Serves Time (Noon at the Oriental)

“There has been more people that have been incarcerated out of this area than any area in the entire world.” And it is right here in Milwaukee. This is a look inside the complicated issues that we have in the city where we live. It’s a film that we all should see.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (3:30PM at the Oriental)

See that giant boulder bigger than ever. Indiana Jones takes the archeological dig to Milwaukee for it’s 35 Anniversary. It’s in Milwaukee, but this movie is so good, IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!

Almost Sunrise (7PM at the Oriental)

Milwaukee-based Veterans mend emotional and mortal injuries of war by setting out on a 2,700 mile walk starting in Milwaukee and ending in California. Share the journey with these fellow Milwaukeeans.

Stop Making Sense (10PM at the Oriental)

This is the event-of-the-year every year. Stop Making Sense is a party. A couple of years ago it started with a couple moviegoers politely dancing in the back of the theater, and it has grown to the point where attendees don’t even bother taking a seat, they come ready to dance. It is THE event to be at this year and every year.


Cameraperson (1:30 at the Oriental)

We’ve gotten to the point in the festival where a lot of the film have already played and people are talking about favorites. This look into the creative process is one film that keeps coming up in the fan-favorite category before the festival has even ended.

Cameraperson Trailer from Janus Films on Vimeo.

10 Billion – What’s On Your Plate? (5PM at the Oriental)

What is the future of food? That is the thesis for this movie. We don’t know for sure, but these scientists and researchers offer a light into the future.

Mom and Me (6:30PM at the Downer)

A charming look into moms, their kids, and the relationship between the two. Keep the Kleenex close for this one. It’s too cute to pass up.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee