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Which has the better franchise, Godzilla or King Kong?

It’s the matchup of a century (that they have done two times before, but ignore those). Monster vs. monster, WHO WILL WIN?! Ideally us as viewers, because we get to watch it. But, in this version. Not so much. At some times, yes. When monsters are fighting as promised this movie is a good time. But so much of this movie is trying to achieve buy into the Titan Universe through Hollow Earth Theory and four over-complicated human subplots that try to give agency to the monsters and pose them as both heroes and villains at the same time.

They do indeed fight | "Godzilla vs. Kong"

This version is fine if you are half watching, but also each franchise has made better versions of this movie. When I saw “Godzilla vs. Kong,” I saw it as an opportunity to go through each series as a whole, from their first movies until now, and decide a winner. 

So on this episode of Cinebuds, not only do we discuss “Godzilla vs. Kong” the movie, we decide a winner on Godzilla vs. Kong as a franchise. 

In both series there are highs. We pick a particular Godzilla movie as the height of both franchises. And there are lows, too. We pick yet another Godzilla movie with interesting casting choices and a “subplot” that supersedes any Godzilla action as either series franchise low. And we pick a winner of Godzilla vs. Kong.