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'Potato Dreams of America' is Cinebuds' Milwaukee Film Festival pick of the day

The Milwaukee Film Festival is underway! There are hundreds of movies to choose from and it's all virtual. Picking movies can be daunting with all that freedom! We want to make it a little easier, so the Cinebuds are going to pick one movie a day that they are excited about. Hopefully that will make it a little easier. If you want to buy tickets, or see other movies go here.

Today's pick: Potato Dreams of America

This autobiographical tale from writer-director Wes Hurley follows a single mother and her young gay son living in the Soviet Union. Their obsession with pirated Hollywood movies leads them to emigrate to the US through a mail-order bride service, but when they arrive things do not go as expected. Featuring a vividly artificial style, POTATO DREAMS OF AMERICA is a hilarious coming out film unlike anything you’ve seen.