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'Zola' brings a legendary Twitter yarn to the big screen

“Zola” is the first Twitter-thread-turned-into-a-movie. Zola actually invented the Twitter thread. In 2015 she tweeted “Y’all wanna hear a story about how me & this bitch here fell out???????? It’s kinda long, but full of suspense.” Then she tweeted 147 more times, telling the story. Part of what makes it work is the form. At times Zola used all the characters she could to give context and background, and others, simply an exclamation point for dramatic effect. It’s perfect for its form. 

"Zola" | Courtesy A24

So what happens when you take 148 tweets and turn them into a movie?

That’s the discussion today, A24’s newest film, “Zola.” Kpolly also talks, repeatedly, about what he would do with a billion dollars. Would he be the benevolent god he imagines, or would it corrupt his soul? Billionaire, if you’re reading this, let's pool our money and find out!