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Which movie did the Cinebuds enjoy more: 'The Lost Daughter' or 'Jackass Forever'?

This week on Cinebuds, it's a double feature. We're talking about "The Lost Daughter," a quiet interior drama about motherhood featuring Olivia Coleman that is up for several Oscars. And we're also talking about "Jackass Forever," a movie that has been snubbed by the Oscars. One is very respectable. The other features a character named Poopies and features people getting kicked in the nuts and bitten by animals.

So what do these movies have in common? I watched them on the same day, and they make for a surprisingly great double feature, since "Jackass" is a nice palette cleanser after a movie as heavy as "The Lost Daughter."

We get into both movies, and the concept of the "Paddington chaser," on this week's episode of Cinebuds, which you can stream below.