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Should you watch 'Cyrano' in a Dream Lounger?

Writing by: Kristopher Pollard

This week on Cinebuds we're taking a look at the new Joe Wright film, "Cyrano", with Peter Dinklage in the title role. 

It's a tale as old as time. A man loves a woman. But he's afraid he's not good enough. So he writes poems for another man so she'll marry him instead.   

Yes, I see the flaw in that plan, too.

This time around the film is a musical with score and songs by The National. The casting, the music, and the scale of the film -- this is new territory for a story that has been told many times. 

Both of us had reservations before watching the films (keeping my expectations low since 1974...), but there were some serious surprises. Found out how we liked it in the podcast. We'll also talk about what else we've been watching.  And tackle the age-old controversy of the infamous...Dream Loungers!

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