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Cinebuds: The underwhelming ‘Uncharted’ and the search for a new buddy

Everyone associated with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee — the staff and our wonderful listeners — lost a little something when Justin Barney set out for his next great adventure in Nashville. In the case of Milwaukee Film’s Kristopher Pollard, he lost a Cinebuddy.

But fear not. The hunt is underway for a new pal to parse motion pictures. And while Kristopher’s search isn’t quite as globe-trotting as “Uncharted” — the movie subject of this week’s podcast — it did uncover a gem in Kyle Heller, our facilities and IT manager.

Listen to the latest episode to hear whether Kristopher and Kyle's chemistry surpass that of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the Sony video-game adaptation (spoiler available via Kyle's review on the poster below).

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