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When you’re talking subpar movies, things can get reel bad

Every week, Kristopher Pollard from Milwaukee Film and a mystery co-host talk about movies and maybe — just maybe — become Cinebuds .

We try to keep it positive on Cinebuds. We really do. But sometimes you gotta get the poison out, so this week's episode is dedicated to bad movies! And joining me once again is artist extraordinaire Dwellephant!

Listen, we get it. This stuff is subjective. So we break things down a bit. Some films are thought widely to be bad, but you love them. Some are bad, and you know it, but you still love them.  Some, well, you don't love them. In fact, they put a bee in your bonnet! Good-bad, bad-bad, double-dipped bad — all are welcome.

No matter the category of “bad,” we spill the tea, talk the trash and burn all the bridges in sight in this one. OK, it's actually pretty tame if I'm being honest. But take a listen below, and then join us at @cinebudspodcast on Instagram to tell us what bad movies you love!

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