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Black Husky samples and cute pet photos!

Black Husky / Facebook

No trickery here. Because today is Pet Day during our spring membership drive, we’re bringing you two things statistically proven to reach people on an emotional level: free craft-beverage samples and adorable photos of pets.

How does the beverage part of that tie into Pet Day you might ask? Here in Milwaukee, we’re fortunate to have an excellent craft brewing establishment called … Black Husky. The fine folks from that jewel of the Riverwest neighborhood are coming to our Walker’s Point studios with absolutely free samples of their tasty offerings.

Free? Like, FREE free? Yes. No cost to you. Is it possible we’re hoping you’ll be so grateful that you’ll make a one-time or recurring gift to our spring membership drive? Also yes. So come down and see us at 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave. between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. to enjoy a free beverage on this absolutely glorious day.

I also promised you cute pet photos, and the team here at Radio Milwaukee delivered in a big way. First of all, way more cats than I would’ve guessed. But the cuteness is most certainly on display in all cases. Enjoy below, share your own pet pics on our Facebook page, then join us and Black Husky at Radio Milwaukee HQ!

Nate Imig: Joan and Winston

Brett Krzykowski: Cooper and Rollie

Benjamin Koenigs: Truffles and Pickles

Kiri Salinas: Frankie

Mitchel DeSantis: Gnocchi and Garbonzo

Dan Reiner: Hattie

Erin Bagatta: Willem

Mallorey Wallace: Smokey

Julie Rowley: Sephie (Persephone)

Jay Burseth: Morel and Rue

Jen Ellis: Lucy