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The most important meal of the day gets its own website called Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy - website dedicated to breakfast

Why didn't I think of this?  If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, should it not have its own website? The folks from Time, Inc. thought so and launched Extra Crispy.  This site is more than just recipes, favorite breakfast spots and pretty pictures.  Extra Crispy explores the culture of breakfast from various points of views. From the site's introductory post:

Welcome to Extra Crispy. Through bloody marys, sweat, and beers, our editors, writers, designers, and developers have worked hard to create a place where food looks good and feels accessible. We’ll be exploring plenty of the stuff you’re counting on—like bacon, coffee, and booze—but we’ll also be turning over unexpected stones to hopefully get you thinking about breakfast outside the (cereal) box. With minimal puns. Mostly.

On the surface, Extra Crispy seems like a one-trick pony, but it is definitely more than that.

Extra Crispy's content is organized by three categories - culture, food, drinks. There is also some popular niche topics like bacon, cream cheese, coffee, and eggs. There are even videos. One video shows you how to make an Inception Omelet aka a poached egg omelet.

You can find stories on breakfast taco wars in Texas; the best gas station breakfast in America; an interview with a cereal box collector; and why Star Trek is obsessed with coffee.

Extra Crispy is also looking for a bacon critic. This is no joke. It is a paid, freelance position and it involves a three-month appointment researching, writing about, obsessing over, and critiquing bacon.

To apply, send a short essay of fewer than 600 words recounting your favorite bacon-related memory by June 24, 2016.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee