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Milwaukee-based start-up delivers wine and cheese to your front door

Bright Cellars Wine and Cheese Subscription service

When you go to the liquor store to pick out wine, are you confused like me?  I have no idea what makes a good wine. There are so many choices. The Milwaukee-based start-up, Bright Cellars aims to make it easier to find the right wine based on your personal tastes.

Found in 2014 by two MIT alumni, Bright Cellars is a monthly subscription service for wine.  Each subscription is based off an individual's personal taste which comes from an algorithm.  Once you sign up on the site, you must take a quiz based on several attributes of flavor profiles like sweetness, bitterness, and others. After the quiz, Bright Cellars will create a list of suggested wines for your subscription.  After you try the wines in your first box, you will rate and review the wines on the Bright Cellars site and the algorithm will develop better matches for your next box.

I decided to take the quiz and these are the wines that Bright Cellars picked for me.  Based on my profile they picked a Forty Winks Chenin Blanc 2015, Forty Winks Chardonnay 2015, Bestios Red Blend 2013, and a Porto D'Oro Pinot Grigio.   Each of the wines they selected came with a description that included foods to pair with it. Each bottle cost $20.

Bright Cellars also offer an artisan cheese subscription service to pair with your wine subscription. The cheese services works similar to the wine subscription. You have to take a quiz and then Bright Cellars will pick out the cheese that matches your profile the best.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee