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Is the iconic Big Boy burger as great as it used to be? This Bites investigates

For the first This Bites of the new year, we're talking about the recent trend toward non-alcoholic beverages. We just heard news that Great Lakes Distillery has launched a new non-alcoholic spirits line. Amazingly, the drinks aren't just alcohol free -- they're calorie-free, too. We also talk about a new Colombian food truck called Los Parceros.

But we kick things off by discussing some stories in the new issue Milwaukee Magazine. Ann wrote a story called "The Battle of the Big Boys." About a year ago, the first Wisconsin location of Big Boy to open in 26 years opened in Germantown. So Ann thought it would be interesting to look at the iconic Big Boy burger, which is similar to the Big Mac but actually predates it (Big Boy started serving them in the 1930s, while the Big Mac didn't arrive until the 1960s).

Ann wanted to see if the Big Boy was as good as they used to be, since she recalls them being amazing as a child. But there are already other versions of this burger available around town. Saint Kate's offers a version of the burger available at its restaurant Aria. So Ann decided to pit the two burgers against each other. Tune into the episode to find out what she discovered.

Nice Guys moves into the former Snack Boys/Hotel Foster spot

Nice Times, a plant-based restaurant and bar, has opened up shop at 2028 E. North Ave., the location formerly occupied by Snack Boys and Hotel Foster. It's currently in the middle of a soft opening, with takeout service on Tuesday-Saturday, from 4-8 p.m. And soon it'll be open for dine-in service, too.

It's a fast-casual concept, and the dining room will resemble a cafeteria, with a bar that promises to stock lots of non-alcoholic options. It will also house a retail space that will sell art and goods from local makers.

The Sloppy Joseph at Nice Times |

Hear us discuss all that and more on this week's episode.

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