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How a ride to the grocery store sparked a friendship

Even though 50 years separate them, these ladies have found a friendship on the way to the grocery store.  Keep scrolling to hear how.
As Audrey Jaigna, 82, has gotten older, getting around isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Sure, she walks just fine, but driving the car? Not anymore.

So, for the last two years, she has relied on her friend, Jill, to get her to the grocery store.

Jill Springsteen, 30, is a volunteer for Interfaith Older Adult Programs, specifically in a program called Drive. Give Serve.

Every other week, she picks up Audrey after she gets off work to run simple errands. And whether they go grocery shopping or run to the pharmacy, Jill says they always seem to have a lot to talk about in the car.

As I watch the two browsing the store, it is clear this isn’t just some kind of an arrangement.  Jill and Audrey — despite their 50 year age difference — they’ve formed a friendship.

Does this sound like the right opportunity for you? Drive Give. Serve. is always recruiting, and you don’t even need your own car.

Dial 211 in the Milwaukee area for more information, or visit the program's official website to become a volunteer or to request services.

For even more about Drive. Give. Serve., click the player above to hear from Lisa Bittman, executive director for Interfaith Older Adult Programs - Milwaukee.

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