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Water education meets hip-hop in 'Liquid Gold'

Water as a resource is very important here in Milwaukee.

For years, that's a message that Milwaukee Water Common's, and many others, have been trying to spread.

And now, thanks to the nonprofit True Skool, that message is being spread through a unique and refreshing medium: hip hop.

After participating in Milwaukee Water Commons' program Water School, the gang at True Skool wrote, recorded, produced and released the song "Liquid Gold"; a catchy hip-hop song that touches on water accessibility, conservation and education here in Milwaukee.

Listen to the conversation about 'Liquid Gold' with True Skool and Milwaukee Water Common's below:

Give 'Liquid Gold' a listen and check out their music video below:

For more on True Skool, check them out onFacebook or at

For more on Milwaukee Water Commons and their Water School program, you can visit them at