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Egg rolls for a cause: Welcome to Hwang's House of Yum

Egg rolls, fried rice, fortune cookies... we normally don't need an excuse to eat Chinese food. But Chinese food for a cause? That's even better.

Welcome to Hwangs House of Yum, a one-day "pop-up" Chinese restaurant of sorts hosted in the home of Sarah and Milt Hwang... but instead of just leaving with a full stomach, you're leaving with something even better- knowing that your full stomach is going towards a good cause.

Sarah Hwang was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1999, and now as a wife and a mother, she sees every day how it affects families and individuals,

“Its hard to manage living with MS,” she explains, “when people don’t make accommodations not because they don’t want to, but they don’t know.”

And to help spread the message and raise funds for MS, four years ago the Hwangs decided to use their home, Chinese heritage and Sarah’s story to personalize their efforts,

“We decided that the fifteenth anniversary of Sarah’s diagnosis we were going to be the number one fundraiser…. Over the past four years its just gotten bigger and bigger,” her husband Milt explains.

And with their home open to friends and family for the whole night and a menu including egg rolls, potstickers, fortune cookies and more, all proceeds from their home restaurant go to Walk MS.

"This is very personal because its very personal. It's literally the story of us," Milt explains.

Listen to the full piece on Milt and Sarah Hwang's unique MS fundraiser below:

The Milwaukee Walk MS Fundraiser is May 7th. To learn more about Sarah and Milt Hwang and to donate to Walk MS, you can visit them online here