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CPB funding: important message for our supporters & listeners

There are so many issues of national significance, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Then, one hits you so hard - so personally - your focus becomes clear.

That's the case here at Radio Milwaukee. President Trump wants to cut all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). For 88Nine, and for Milwaukee overall, that's a serious threat.

We're fortunate most of our funding comes from people like you - our Members, Underwriting Partners, and philanthropic Foundations.  But CPB dollars make up about 7% of our budget. And that's significant.

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As technology rapidly evolves, CPB funding allows us to present our music and community stories on increasingly important digital platforms, including our online stream and mobile app.

Perhaps most importantly, CPB funding allows us to attract and retain our greatest asset - our staff of talented, passionate people committed to our mission: to help make Milwaukee become a more inclusive and engaged community.

How much does the Corporation for Public Broadcasting cost you (and me), the taxpayers?

$1.35 a year.

It's roughly one one-hundredth - 0.01% - of the $3.6 trillion federal budget. A droplet in the bucket. Patricia Harrison, the CPB president and CEO, has called public media "one of America's best investments." If you agree, we at Radio Milwaukee urge you to speak up. Please go to

Now more than ever ... we cherish your support.