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Milwaukee Beevangelists help bring a fresh image to an intimidating insect

Flinching, swatting, squirming... there's no question that encounters with bees don't always result in the most, well, peaceful of reactions. "Bees are very important to our food supply system and bees are in trouble, but sometimes they're scary.... so we just demystify bees," explains Charlie Koenen, founder of the Milwaukee Beevangelists.

Working with and bees for years now, Charlie knows first hand the importance of the insect to our planet. And currently working out of Redeemer Church on 19th and Wells, his team of Beevangelistsare working to make bees more welcomed here in Milwaukee through education and awareness-- whether thats helping relocate a swarm found in someone's backyard to helping people house their own hives,


is the whole 'aha moment,' that paradigm shift that happens to everybody," explains Charlie, "We have people who have their own history with bees, usually stings... and everybody leaves with smiles."

Listen to the Beevangelists in action below: