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Exploring the many architectural styles on the UW-Milwaukee campus

It's a campus close to both mine and OnMilwaukee's Bobby Tanzilo's hearts -- UW-Milwaukee.

UWM is both of our alma maters, and we, like all who attended, spent lots of time inside the buildings there (for better or worse). For Urban Spelunking, we're taking a look at what's changed—and what hasn't—since we roamed the halls.

Since we both studied journalism, our time was mostly spent in the basement of Johnston Hall, the home base for that department during our undergraduate years.

But, there are many other buildings most students can't help but travel through at one time or another -- the Union, Bolton Hall, Lubar Hall, just to name a few -- that look nothing like the older ones on campus, like Johnston.

With so many standalone buildings -- and so much growth over the years -- there is no one style of architecture. Walk through the campus, and you'll find a grab bag of construction styles and materials.

This week for Urban Spelunking, Bobby and I explore the campus and recap his recent expert-guided tour. We talk about the old Milwaukee charm at UWM, and the not-so-charming buildings, too. Listen to the podcast above.

Very important correction to the episode: The cookies come from Enderis, not Sabin.

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee