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When school funding for arts programs in Milwaukee got cut, Jazale's Art Studio made its own

When art programs began getting slashed across schools in Milwaukee, two hometown brothers decided to found a program for the many inner-city youth who were losing access to arts education. In 2012, Darren and Vedale Hill founded an arts education program for inner-city youth called Jazale’s Art Studio.

Meet the co-founder Darren Hill in this week’s Community Stories video.

Hint, hint – you may recognize the Hill brothers in the video below if you’ve seen our web series-turned-documentary "Invisible Lines."

If you had a chance to check out the Hollywood-style BRONZEVILLE sign over the summer, then you got a glimpse into Jazale’s Art Studio. The brothers are art educators and work with the city to create community engagement through art.

Through partnerships with big names like the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers and even the City of Milwaukee, Jazale’s has produced a number of community murals. Darren says they spend time canvassing the neighborhoods they plan to create murals in, inviting them to participate in the creation.

“We like to have the community be a part of it, cause then they’ll help protect it,” said Darren Hill. “They want their voices heard and that’s not just politically it’s socially – art is a social thing.”

Some of their year-round services include a free after-school programming multiple days a week at their new studio on Dr. MLK Jr. Drive. They have also partnered with local schools for in-school arts programming. Right now they service the young students St. Vincent-Pallotti Parish.

The Hill brothers also mentor Milwaukee artists aspiring to become creative professionals. They give artists access to the studio space, teach them to be arts educators as well as how to get paid as professional artists.

If you’re interested in Jazale’s art programming, or are looking for mentorship, Darren and Vedale Hill want to hear from you. Send a message to the Jazale’s Art Studio's Facebook page for more information.