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True Skool shows what youth fighting for justice in Milwaukee looks like

Photo by True Skool student

On March 30, True Skool hosted its third Youth Fighting 4 Justice Action Day. True Skool invited its students, local activists and youth from neighboring organizations to learn about what it means to organize and be active in social justice issues. Students heard from activists who shared their social justice stories, engaged in dialogue with those leaders and amongst each other and capped the program with collaborative creation.

Hear more about Youth Fighting 4 Justice Action Day in the audio story below.

Photos provided by True Skool students
“They’re not processing it at school unfortunately,” said Fidel Verdin, the Co-Executive Director of True Skool. “They’re not processing it at home at the dinner table and so a lot of young people want to process it together.”

Youth Fighting 4 Justice Action Day was about defining what “it” was for our local youth. They voiced their concerns about social justice issues they find themselves facing as teenagers: livable wages, police harassment, poverty, sexual abuse and more.

“They’re very keen and aware and even intellectual and articulate,” said Verdin. “We’re just figuring out a way that we can support them and help amplify their voice.”

They talked with local activists and sought advice on how to organize in order to make sure their voices are heard beyond True Skool’s walls.

“To me justice is equality,” said one student.

“We are unified and we stick together and love each other,” said another.

After a morning of conversation and interpretation came an afternoon of inspiration and creation. Students collectively interpreted what they learned about justice into art. From writing spoken word to recording raps, students defined justice and how it plays a role in their lives now and in their futures.

To hear some of the content inspired by Youth Fighting 4 Justice Action Day, visit True Skool’s Soundcloud and YouTube channels.