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Arts @ Large brings art experiences to Walker's Point

On July 9, members all over the Milwaukee area gathered to take a workshop on mosaics at the new Arts @ Large Community Center. Arts @ Large is an organization that provides immersive art experiences for students from K-12.

The workshop was the first workshop hosted at the new community center and it was the initial step toward creating a space where the public and community can incorporate art within their lives. 

Mosaics are an art form that is cited back to Mesopotamia, an ancient region located in Western Asia. It's the creation of patterns made by gluing on a variety of materials. At the workshop, the materials were the most captivating aspect. Leann Wooten, a mosaic artist, brought in a variety of materials such as glass from patterned tea sets and colorful ceramics. 

"It's not as intimidating as drawing or painting or sculpture, it's really more fun," said Wooten. "But in the end, it can totally be fine art."

The new community center is more than a place that houses workshops for the public. Teri Sullivan, founder and CEO of Arts @ Large, says the communal area will have a gallery that will feature work provided by students this past year. 

"It's a way to get our families from many different communities throughout Milwaukee together in a place where they create art together," said Sullivan. "So this is our celebration place, this is the place where we showcase everything to the public and we get the public involved." 

The center will have art activities, free performances, and food from the attached cafe. Sullivan says Arts @ Large simply want students to strive when learning and to integrate art in their education. 

"Everything that we do on a daily basis is connected to art," said Sullivan. "Arts @ Large our work is all centered in using the arts as a way to learn."

The Arts @ Large, 1100 S. 5th St., will open July 19 and will have its first gallery opening that day as well. On opening day, you can also participate in their second workshop creating mosaic flames that will be added to their fireplace.  

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