88Nine’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Day 11 – Gifts for Coffee Geeks

88Nine’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Day 11 – Gifts for Coffee Geeks

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I start many days of the week, with an Americano from Anodyne Coffee Roasters.  This family-run business has been one of my favorites since I first stepped into their former Brady Street cafe.  While I can say a lot of great things about their coffee, they have one item you won’t find at any other Milwaukee roaster…SOAP!   This Anodyne coffee soap is handcrafted in Milwaukee by Halo Soap and is available in a few styles, all based on signature Anodyne lattes.



Whenever I am in ‘Tosa, there is a good chance I am going to swing over to Valentine Coffee, and if I see the Valentine logo at a local restaurant, you can bet I’m getting a cup of coffee after my meal.  They have so many great blends, but I adore the Bali Blue Moon! This shade grown coffee is sourced from the volcanic highlands of the Indonesian island of Bali. It’s one of my favorite bags in town.



This is one of the most unique coffee experiences in Milwaukee. The folks at Hawthorne take beans from  Peru and age the unroasted beans in bourbon barrels from the Great Lakes Distillery!  The beans spend  four weeks sealed in a bourbon barrel…each day, the barrels are rolled across the floor of the roasting facility so that all of the beans inside can come into contact with the wood and bourbon remnants.  After four weeks, the beans are removed the barrel and roasted to order. The result, is my favorite Milwaukee coffee, a perfect combination of coffee and bourbon flavor (and without the alcohol!).


When Viroqua Wisconsin roasters Kickapoo, set up shop in the Third Ward, my weekly coffee geek experience got even better.  I often take a stroll from the 88NINE Studios, across the river, to get a cup of their amazing coffee.  With such a great variety of options, I often let Scott and his team pick a roast for me.  I am never disappointed.    This is why I suggested the Roaster’s Choice Subscription.  Let the pros make the right choice for the coffee lover in your life.



With a Stone Creek cafe, in my office, it’s safe to say I drink more Stone Creek coffee than just about anyone. But one of my favorite things about this Milwaukee gem, is their creative apparel.  These socks, among other things, are one of the reasons it’s awesome to have a culture of coffee geeks in Milwaukee…and who doesn’t just LOVE Hayao Miyazaki films?!?!

*honorable mention – STONE CREEK COFFEE STRANGER THINGS SHIRT (available in select cafes only)



Colectivo Coffee is nothing short of an institution in this great city.  Not only are they known all over the region for their amazing roasts, they have become adored for their food, bakery, and tea.  This gift set showcases everything they are known for, including  Colectivo Session Coffees, Letterbox Fine Tea, Choco-covered Espresso Beans, Choco-covered Espresso Caramels, Hot Cocoa Mix, Troubadour Bakery Homemade Granola, and more!  It’s the Cadillac of coffee geek gifts.

Whatever choice is right for you, I hope you agree with me, that Milwaukee is lucky to have so many great coffee roasters in the city we call home.

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Even if they don't actually DRINK coffee.

Jordan here, and I want to proudly proclaim that I AM A COFFEE GEEK!  Before I had the honor of working for Radio Milwaukee, I paid my rent hustling java.  I spent many years with Stone Creek Coffee and even more for Alterra (now COLECTIVO) Coffee.  I still talk shop with many of my barista buds and follow their journeys to national competitions and international coffee sourcing escapades.  Today’s guide has got something for every type of coffee connoisseur and is completely focused on the MILWAUKEE coffee geek.

Check out the gifts below.