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Radio Milwaukee's video series 'Yours Truly' brings you up close with artists we love

Radio Milwaukee’s new video series Yours Truly brings you up-close portraits of artists reflecting on their creative journey.

Drawing from Arthur Aron’s “36 Questions That Lead to Love,” musicians reveal a glimpse into their lives and childhoods; their sources of inspiration and joy; their aspirations and fears. And you get to sit down next to them.

Whether it’s an album, a song or an EP, an artist’s music is their letter to the world.

This series allows them to step off stage to deliver that letter to you personally, adding another paragraph they can sign off, “Yours Truly.”

Watch the videos

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig talks on the emotional process of releasing new music, the times that bring him the most joy and what his childhood smelled like.


Yola talks about her airport encounter with Mavis Staples, the importance of creating an environment that allows you to self-actualize and how she'd rather be in a jacuzzi with a glass of champagne.

Denzel Curry

The 24-year-old Florida rapper discusses his love of UFC fighting and anime, and teases the graphic novel he's been working on.

Valerie June

The American singer-songwriter Valerie June expresses the importance of following your heart and the debilitating illness she overcame in order to fight for her dream of playing music.


The duo introduce us to their road companions Leroy and Carl, a pair of dogs they found on the road.

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