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Freebie: New Thievery Corporation, "Sound the Alarm"

Well it is about time. DCs Worldly duo Thievery Corporation returns with a new album entitled Radio Retaliation (due out September 23rd). This will be their 5th studio album. This album will have whole bunch of new collaborators including DC Go Go legend Chuck Brown!!!

"Radio Retaliation is definitely a more overt political statement," says Garza of Thievery Corporation. "There's no excuse for not speaking out at this point, with the suspension of habeas corpus, outsourced torture, illegal wars of aggression, fuel, food, and economic crises. It's hard to close your eyes and sleep while the world is burning around you. If you are an artist, this is the most essential time to speak up." "Apart from a few independent bastions, there is no musical or informational freedom on the US airwaves anymore. They've been bought up, consolidated and homogenized. Radio Retaliation is about an exodus of conscious people who are willing to acknowledge something is wrong with the 'official version' in news and culture," explains Hilton. WithRadio Retaliation Thievery Corporation raise the bar with a new cast of musical collaborators including; Nigeria's afro-beat heir Femi Kuti, Brazilian star vocalist and guitarist Seu Jorge, Indian sitar virtuoso Anushka Shankar, Slovakian chanteuse and violinist Jana Andevska, and Washington DC's own go-go originator Chuck Brown. Also returning are long time co-conspirators Sleepy Wonder, LouLou, Notch, Zee, and Verny Varela.

Thievery Corporation - "Sound the Alarm (download via RCRDLBL)

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee