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"Make Milwaukee": Yevgeniya Kaganovich


A piece of Yevgeniya's art

Listen: Almost ten years ago, I stepped into the massive building that is currently the Peck School of the Arts for the first time. Back then, it was drastically messy and had a mysterious feel. It tapped into that image of the artist as a solitary, clandestine creator somehow disconnected from the world around them. (I have a distinct memory from that trip of a giant pile of old, wooden shoe moldings…)

In the relatively recently remodeled Peck School of the Arts, it’s a totally new scene. The building is spacious and open and modern and full of energetic people and collaborations (additionally, rather than having beleaguered freight elevators, they have these almost unbelievably newfangled elevators with  hand scanners – the future is now!). It’s an amazing place.

This is where I met professor, metal smith, and all-around-maker Yevgeniya Kaganovich, who was kind enough to show me around the facilities as well as sit down to chat about her art and teaching:


You can learn more about the Peck School of the Arts at their website. Also, check out the very cool  visual arts lecture series (Yevgeniya is the head of the Lectures Committee).

Finally, keep your eyes peeled and ear to the street for the next time Yevgeniya is exhibiting — her art is incredibly cool.

Produced by: Adam Carr