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Lalo Schifrin ain't no DUMMY!

Today's 7 o clock sample is one of my favorites. I can distinctly remember the first time I ever heard Portishead. This song stuck out in my head for weeks...From the album DUMMY, here is " Sour Times"The genuis behind this sample comes to us from Lalo Schifrin. This composer has spent his life gracing the world's screens with some of the most memorable tunes in pop culture. From his theme to Mission: Impossible to his work on Dirty Harry, Lalo has been in our heads for years! We just may have never known his name. I used some of his work in a sample challenge on my MILTOWN BEAT DOWN beat battle this past year. He's also been sampled by some of the who's-who in electronic and hip hop music.Here is his tune " Danube Incident"...And to enjoy the genius of Schifirn, here is some more of his amazing works:This one's got some FUNK on it!Magnum Force! Sweet!

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