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7 O Clock Sample MASTER CLASS

Today on the 7 o clock sample we are stepping it up a notch. Every Tuesday and Thursday we dig for the original samples used by producers of ALL genres of music. This week, I've chosen to explore the music of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST'S Low End Theory album.Released in 1991, this album paved the way for jazzy / conscience rapper's like De La Soul, Common, The Roots and Mos Def. Although it original received a luke-warm response, the album went platinum in 1995 and has made it to almost every top 100 hip hop album list ever created.Here is the first track from this legendary album:How did the boy's put this track together? Well they began with a touch of jazz. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messenger's A CHANT FOR BU is the main lick.Here is TS Monk's version of the classic sample:In addition to the Blakey bass line and a funky drum break from Shade's of Brown's " The Soil I Tilled For You", ATCQ also took some samples of pre-Hip Hop rap from the THE LAST POETS!

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