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What's the Scenario?!

This week on the 7 o clock sample, we are exploring one of the most influential and classic hip hop albums of all time. A Tribe Called Quest's LOW END THEORY.In 1991, the third 12" single for this album was released by Jive records. That single was " SCENARIO" , which after almost 20 years, is still HOT FIRE! I cannot think of a gig that I've DJ'ed where this track did not get the crowd to go nuts! The song features some additional rap help from the Leaders of the New School, a native tounges family group which featured a young Busta Rhymes.Here is the video for the 1991 single:( Check out some of the cameos from De La Soul, Redman, and Spike Lee )This track utilizes a few samples. The main drums come from the Axis Bold As Love album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.There's also some drum flavor from The Emotion's Blind Alley.Here is some super-bad footage of Dj Babu juggling Blind Alley:And the primary sample for this classic hip hop track is from the 1969 Blue Note recording Moon Rappin' by the legendary Brother Jack McDuff.Bonus cut:Here is J Dilla's version of Moon Rappin' OOOH WEEE! It's fresh!RIP Dilla Dogg...

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