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"Meet The Need": Day 10 | Antonio Butts, SHARE Wisconsin's Mobile Market

Listen: Moving forward in Meet The Need, we spend Day 10 of 50 with SHARE Wisconsin's Mobile Market. Just about every morning I ride the 21 bus to work, up North Avenue from the East Side to our studios in Washington Heights, I see someone get on the bus in the central city who's eating breakfast. Nine times out of ten, that breakfast is a bag of chips or a honey bun, and oftentimes that person is a young child. Clearly, this is a problem. Food access is an issue that does not touch you unless you live in a neighborhood where there are no grocery stores. In these neighborhoods, the most convenient option is a corner store or a gas station, where you can imagine the quality of the food. What can be done to remedy this problem? Putting quality grocery stores in these neighborhoods is perhaps the most obvious solution, but there is a different and innovative option currently taking place in Milwaukee -- a mobile market. Antonio Butts, Community Liaison for SHARE Wisconsin's Mobile Market, gives us a picture of how they're taking a fresh approach to the gap in access to healthy food: -A quick run through the purpose and operations of the Mobile Market: -Antonio on access to healthy food: -How the Mobile Market collaborates with community organizations in order to reach neighborhoods in need of healthy food: -An example of how the Mobile Market works with COA Riverwest: For more information on SHARE Wisconsin's Mobile Market visit their website , and if you'd like to help SHARE Wisconsin meet their needs this holiday season, learn how you can help here . P r o d uced by: Adam Carr