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"Meet The Need": Day 22 | City Year Milwaukee, Jason Holton & Lindsay Larra

Listen: Through week three and into the fourth, for Day 22 of Meet The Need we get to know City Year Milwaukee, an organization allowing young people aged 17-24 to give a year of full time service, acting as tutors, mentors, and role models in schools and the community. Think about that for a moment -- with so many teaching programs and fellowships popping up these days, it's easy to get muddled and lump them all together as a single entity. However, giving young people the opportunity to go into the classroom and build communities is quite novel. And effective. City Year have had a presence in 18 cities in the U.S. and South Africa, expanding into Milwaukee next year. Keep an eye out for young people in City Year's signature red jackets -- they're story will be interesting to follow. In these pieces, City Year Milwaukee's Startup Director Jason Holton and External Project Leader Lindsey Larra detail why the work they're doing is needed and how their approach has been so successful: -Why City Year has adopted its mission to attack the high school dropout rate: -How young people come together and make the City Year program successful: -Lindsay's personal account of her path from college to City Year: For more information on City Year Milwaukee,  visit the general website or check out the City Year Milwaukee blog , and if you'd like to join City Year for the upcoming school year, you can apply today! Also, City Year will join Brett Dennen's Love Speaks Community tonight at his Turner Hall concert. Go check them out! P r oduced by: Adam Carr