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"Make Milwaukee": Week 1 | A Very Nervous Young Blood Theater Company

Listen: I hadn't met Rick Clark before we started collaborating on the Make Milwaukee project, however, he was referred to me as an excited, excitable, and creative person by a few reliable sources. This piece is a great example of those things coming together. Rick initially sent me a list of people/places/events that interested his wife Yuki and him. Amongst other things, their list featured the Young Blood Theater's most recent production, Red Light Winter. This past summer, I saw the Young Blood production of Savage In Limbo at the back bar of Landmark Lanes and was blown away by how good theater could be in Milwaukee. Accordingly, I jumped at the chance to get to know the Young Blood Theater Company a little bit better, through a microphone and a few off-the-cuff questions.

Is it just me, or does Ben not look too amused with my questions? Michael (in the background) seems to be having no problems relaxing..."

As the logistics started coming together, we ran into a problem -- the play opened on a Thursday night, which meant the cast and crew would probably quite busy in the time frame for recording. From an e-mail I sent to Rick: "Interesting angle might be to interview when the director is at his most frantic, perhaps in the minutes leading up to the first curtain." Rick's response: "He's in for opening night. Not sure about the timing/logistics on your end for his 7:30pm opening. I was thinking we get ready to roll 20 min before. He is expecting a full house." The result: Tragically, the Young Blood Theater Company's run of Red Light Winter was halted due to tragic events involving a cast member. You can read more about it here. To make a donation to help Andrew Voss and his family, please follow this link and give.

To learn more about the Young Blood Theater Company, visit their website . They return this March with Monster And Mantagora Island, a play written by Red Light Winter director Benjamin Wilson. Get your tickets now.

Produced by: Adam Carr

Next to me at the Alchemist, Yuki finds herself too close to the camera while husband Rick looks on.