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"Make Milwaukee": Week 1 | Film Noir, MAM, and Street Seen


Listen: Never done a piece quite like this before... Towards the top of Rick's list of exciting, dynamic happenings in Milwaukee's creative community, I found the film noir series being presented as part of the Street Seen photography exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Sounded good. Two of those screenings are going to be accompanied by a guest lecturer from UWM, so we even had an obvious interview built into the concept. Even better! Unfortunately, when you're working on a tight deadline, sometimes you can't get every interview. I called and called and called with no response, so we had to come up with a Plan B. We had to think, what can we do to somehow present the film noir series? How can we convince 88Nine listeners and the general public that it's worth checking out? We found our solution, whether it's effective or not, on and in our own amateur voice acting abilities: The clips of dialogue are all from films being screened during the upcoming series: Murder My Sweet, The Big Sleep, Out Of The Past, Killer's Kiss, and Double Indemnity.

Scene from Out Of The Past. Wouldn't you like to see that picture move?

To learn more about the Milwaukee Art Museum's awesome Street Scene Exhibit, follow this link . Also, the first movie in their Film Noir series is showing tomorrow! Get down there!

Produced by: Adam Carr