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"Make Milwaukee": Week 2 | A Tour Of RedLine


Listen: As the production side of 88Nine continues to develop its voice, I hope our community storytelling model grows right along with our collaborators -- there might not be a better example than RedLine. Last year, we featured RedLine: The Idea in our Make Milwaukee campaign. I brought them into the studios for an interview, and while they had plans and timelines and spoke convincingly, their space was still gallons of elbow grease from being much more than a dream. Throughout this past year, I had a chance to see the space when it was raw, when it was newly finished, and again now, after it's had a chance to fill itself up with artists and art. Let me tell you -- they started with grand plans and they really made it happen. Zulay had been to the space before and loved its concept, but wanted to fill in some blanks. So, on a frightfully cold morning, co-founder Lori Bauman graciously opened her doors and gave us a tour of RedLine. (On a personal note, compare the piece we did last year with the new one. We've come a long way too.)

This tour lasted over 30 minutes and cutting it down to a short tour was really really incredibly difficult. Below are some of the uncut highlights of the tour. The current exhibit in their first floor gallery by Amos Kennedy is really amazing -- if you've never bought a piece of art before, this one might get you in the habit. In fact, Zulay bought her daughter a birthday present on the way out: This clip is a small reason you have to see RedLine for yourself. Lori's words give a hint at how amazing this studio is, but the studio is more vibrant than any words can really describe:



 They have a fully furnished apartment for visiting artists! When we walked in, it was kinda like Through The Looking Glass: We ended in the new media lounge, where teens will soon be using computers freshly donated to RedLine to work on multi-media projects. (Hear how I hint that I'd love to do some work with the teens, and Lori skillfully and subtly parries): For more information on RedLine, follow this link . However, I think it's probably easier to just go down there and meet RedLine for yourself, as they always seem to have something interesting going on. In fact, I went there last night for a Valentine's printmaking event and it was really fun. They're on 1422 North 4th Street .

P r o d uced by: Adam Carr