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"Make Milwaukee": Week 4 | Urban Arts Volunteer Chris Dalkowski

Urban Arts students at work. (Photo by Sarah Patterson)

Listen: Originally, I had a simple plan for this interview -- Jasmine Barmore, Urban Arts Instructor at True Skool, would introduce me to a volunteer, Chris Dalkowski, who would in turn introduce me to some of the kids he's worked with. Nothing too fancy, but plenty of potential. The interview went as planned, and I got plenty of great tape, but as I spoke with Chris a bit I had a realization -- his personal story is more than good enough to present on air.His path to True Skool, at least from where I'm sitting, is a bit unlikely. From small town Ohio and currently majoring in Exercise Science at Marquette University, he may not be the first person that comes to mind when you think "Urban Arts Volunteer." Listen, as Chris shares how he came to True Skool: I love Chris's take on his first trip out to True Skool -- "...because I'm still not used to the whole traffic and parallel parking and all that, because in Ohio, we're not too big on that."

-Extras! So how does a kid from Ohio get into the graffiti style? Chris tells us about how he got swept up in hip hop art:

-In this short piece of tape, Chris talks about how he works with the teens of the Urban Arts program:

Want more True Skool? V isit their website and learn more about their great programs. Also, if you want to see some of their art in action, check them out at MAM After Dark this Friday at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

P r oduced By: Adam Carr