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"The Neighborhood Project": Harambee | Nannette Smith on the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative


Listen: In recent years, many of the problems facing the country have been particularly pronounced in Harambee. Foreclosure and unemployment have taken a toll on the neighborhood and much hard work lies ahead. Keeping that in mind, the solutions do not lie in building something new, but rather connecting neighbors to existing resources.

Nannette Smith of the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative works to do just that — she acts as a hub of neighborhood block clubs, businesses, faith based groups, non-profits, and any other resource Harambee has to offer. And since the inception of the Great Neighborhood Initiative, this collaborative approach has enabled Nannette to make some real strides for the community. Listen, as she gives a taste of the work they do at HGNI: see podcast below.

Nannette really is a pro at connecting folks — she did a lion’s share of the work tracking down interview in Harambee.


Want to learn more about Harambee? You can start at  the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative blog . You can also check out  the Harambee Connection section of the Riverwest Current .

Produced by: Benjamin Wick