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"Make A Difference": Environment | Learning to Compost with Jim Godsil of Sweet Water Organics

Listen: In the week before Farm Aid, a concert benefitting family farmers taking place at Miller Park this year, Make A Difference turns to organizations doing spectacular and groundbreaking urban agriculture work right here in our backyard (this week, listen for stories from Growing Power, Sweet Water Organics/Foundation, and Walnut Way Conservation Corp). On the heels of Growing Power's 'Good Food' Conference at State Fair, it's clear the word 'developing' no longer describes the urban agriculture movement in Milwaukee -- they're full on burgeoning.

In addition to featuring the good work these organizations are doing in the community, we also wanted to bring a bit of that work into your home. Not trying to rattle your core or change your whole lifestyle -- just bite-sized bits of their mission.

Ever wanted to start composting but thought to yourself "that's too messy/smelly/hard/gross/attractive to pests?" Considering that compost piles are big piles of decomposing organic material, those are reasonable concerns. BUT! If done properly, you can easily sidestep the downsides. In this piece, co-founder of Sweet Water Organics, Jim Godsil, shares the basics of creating an odorless, varmint-less Irish Shanty compost pile.

Learn more about Sweet Water Organics/Foundation her e! Also, listen up/look out for an audio tour of their barely believable Bay View space to be posted later this week. And if you're looking for more advanced lessons in composting, check out Jim's Worm Mon show at Sweet Water Organics. Or, simply write him an e-mail at

Produced by: Adam Carr