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Listen To Cee-Lo Croon His Latest Tune "Old Fashioned" From "Lady Killer"

Goodie Mob member and 1/2 of Gnarls Barkely, Cee-Lo Green is set to have on of the best albums of the year.  His album Lady Killer is set to dropped on November 2nd and so far the tracks that have been dropped are amazing.  It started with the song about his birth state, "Georgia" to the Band of Horses cover of "No One's Gonna Love You" to the fantastic "Forget You", which is the radio friendly song for "F*** You".  

You can now check out the latest track "Old Fashioned", which is a throwback to those soul crooner tunes of the 1960s. I have to say Cee-Lo is one of the most versatile artists in the 21st century.  Listen to the track below (via  The Couch Sessions )


Cee-Lo Green - Old Fashioned by Hypetrak


Let me know what you think of the track in the comments below. If you can't wait for the album, go and download Cee-Lo's mixtape "Stray Bullets". You won't regret it.

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