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Be Heard: Milwaukee's 1st Annual Self Esteem Stomp

This morning, Jordan had Deanna and Robin from the Self Esteem Stomp...What's the Self Esteem Stomp?

 It is a 5k family friendly walk that starts at Alverno College October 24th at 10 am. The Self Esteem Stomp benefits Normalin Schools organization that uses music and the arts to educate about self esteem, body image and family communication. The end of the walk will be a hands on interactive playground including a Large sponsored art area where kids will be able to express themselves and learn how to use art as a healthy coping skill. There will be music and many activities that will teach families how they can work together and individually on increasing self confidence and self esteem.

By providing tools to promote healthy living, self-esteem, body image and communication, Normal In Schools seeks to help individuals learn some tools for living happier and more productive lives -- and perhaps event help prevent the onset of illness.

You can find more information and registration info here

To hear more about Normal In Schools and the Self Esteem Stomp, check out this interview with Robin and Deanna.