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Download A Free Live EP From The Pixies In Honor Of The 20th Anniversary Of Doolittle

Back in 1989, the band Pixies released their second studio album "Doolittle" on 4AD. The album became an indie classic. Rolling Stone magazine place the album at 222 out of the 500 best records of all time. It is this album, where I can became huge fan of the Pixies. The song "Hey" has to be one of my favorite tunes. 

The Pixies have been touring in support of the 20th anniversary of the classic album. To celebrate, The Pixies launch a new website and is giving away a 4-song live EP. The EP was recorded in Mexico City and it includes the songs "Gouge Away", "Monkey Gone To Heaven", "Crackity Jones" plus the B-Side track "Dancing The Manta Ray". To get the free EP, just head over to and just hand over your email and you'll get the EP.

Pixies - "Gouge Away"

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