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"Make A Difference": Environment | 100 Hundreds Gallons to Keep Sewage Out of Your Drinking Water

Listen: Throughout our Make A Difference campaign, we haven't disguised the fact that we want folks to hear what we present on-air and feel compelled to get involved. Whether it's an opportunity you've heard about directly on 88Nine or something else in the community that captures your interest, we hope that Make A Difference will go beyond the name of the initiative and become an idea that activates our listeners.

That being said, folks can find themselves motivated to action by a number of factors -- wanting to see change, looking to learn a new skill, hoping to protect something that's important to them, and even benevolent self-interest. In this piece, Mike Larson presents us with a cause whose solution wraps all of those into one -- keeping sewage out of our drinking water.

The 100 Gallon Challenge -- during every storm session, an individual putting in the effort to save 100 gallons of water goes a long way in keeping sewage out of Lake Michigan. Want to know more? R ead an introduction from Ken Leinbach then let Mike guide you through the 100 Gallon Challenge:

An interesting point Mike made during the interview that wasn't included in the final piece -- one might think, "how much difference can I make?" If the problem is a billion gallons a year, what difference does an individual 100 gallons per storm make? Well, if we as a community are conscious of conserving water together, the impact accumulates. Check out (and sign up for) the MMSD's 100 Gallon Challenge website -- the efforts of a small number of people can add up and multiply quite quickly...

So sign up today! To check out more on the 100 Gallon Challenge, scroll about halfway down the Urban Ecology Center's main website for some interesting facts! Also, tell a friend. And a family member.