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"Meet The Need": Day 43 of 50 | Educational Options for Families

Listen: On Day 43 of 50 in Meet The Need, we get to know the Black Alliance for Education Options (BAEO). A national organization recently come to Milwaukee, BAEO works to increase access to high-quality educational options for Black children by actively supporting parental choice policies and programs empowering low-income and working class Black families. 

Naryan Leazer, President of the Milwaukee Chapter of BAEO introduces us to their work:

-The Black Alliance for Education Options works specifically to advance educational outlooks for African American families:

-Naryan places the importance of quality educational opportunities in the picture of need:

-For parents, just being able to navigate the educational landscape in Milwaukee can be pretty difficult -- there's a lot to know and connecting to resources can be a challenge. In response, BAEO has started an initiative for parents:

-This past March, a study was released showing Milwaukee's 4th grade African American students had the worst reading scores in the country. As a response to this atrocious news, BAEO started their Summer Reading Project:

-If you'd like to get involved, you can help BAEO recruit parents for their parent initiative:

This year, we ask you to adopt one or two organizations that connect with you. Want to get involved with the Black Alliance for Education Options? Donate, volunteer, or check out their work yourself. And you can start with their website.