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"Make Milwaukee": Milwaukee's Maker Economy at Harley Davidson

Listen: In discussing  their recently completed study, Christine Harris from Creativity Works! mentioned that Milwaukee has a "maker economy." With a strong industrial heritage and design-heavy present (according to their findings, design composes 46% of our region's overall creative industries), Milwaukee is steeped in "making." (In fact,  the strength of the DIY movement is another great example of that idea.)

To illustrate this point, we decided upon a concept -- a dash through a long-standing company's history, beginning with their industrial origins, tracking their evolution and finishing with their current form. And because we always prefer to show rather than tell, we also needed a compelling setting for the interview that could somehow exhibit this history.

As you can tell from the accompanying photos, we found the perfect organization and location. Starting with two industrial dreamers named Harley & Davidson and ending with Milwaukee's mighty Harley Davidson Motor Company, join curatorial director Jim Fricke as he takes on a ride through the museum and Harley Davidson's history:

Jim is a treasure trove of knowledge -- just about anywhere we stood in the museum, he had a handful of fascinating facts to share. I'd love to get back for an extended tour sometime!