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Lagniappe... Mardi Gras Moment by Moment

The Mardi Gras Moments this week have been all over the place; from the unmitigated swamp-funk of The Gaturs to the unrehearsed ebullience of The Dixie Cups' version of the classic "Iko Iko." Then there's the street-wise hip-hoppy horn funk of Tha Nu Jazz Orda as well as the futuristic and frenetic beats of a remixed Galactic cut flavored with the very Now sound of New Orleans Bounce. All the way around, a fun week of Moments as we add our way to a Fat Tuesday fete at Turner Hall Ballroom on March 8th featuring Mucca Pazza.

On Tuesday, we heard some serious, kick-ass swamp-funk in the vein of fellow bayou-funk legends like The Meters or The Wild Tchoupitoulas. Laid-back and heady, the groove is funk, but in a distinct NOLA flavor. Willie Tee leads the charge for the Gaturs and on this one; amphibious keyboard riffs roll over sublime bass lines that would make a crocodile smile, turn traitor and join the Gaturs in this savvy slice of swamp gravy.

The Gaturs "Gatur Bait"

Wednesday, Tha Nu Jaz Orda put a bit of boom-bap on Moment with their hipness riffing on an Indian flavored chanty "Ooh Na Nay." Tasty!

Tha Nu Jaz Orda "Ooh Na Nay"

Thursday saw a vintage slice of classic Mardi Gras music from the early 60's. The Dixie Cups' high-spirited and sparse cover of Sugarboy Crawford's "Jock-O-Mo" was only accidentally recorded and though ultimately re-titled "Iko Iko," it would become a choice cut for Mardi Gras parties for another half-century and beyond. Talk about longevity...

The DIxie Cups "Iko Iko"

Our wrap-up cut for the week was a gracious gift from our very own Tarik Jelani Moody al Architect. In search of something different, I asked and he delivered this nice cut from Galactic. A bounce remix of "You Don't Know" featuring the Rebirth Brass Band and remixed by Philly-based artist Emynd. Hotter than hot.

Galactic " You Don't Know (Emynd Bounce Remix)" -courtesy of The Architect

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