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"Make Milwaukee": Dropping in on Fullhouse

Listen: A few weeks ago, we did a series of Make Milwaukee pieces guided by the awesome folks at Spreenkler. Throughout the process of gathering interviews, we tried to let the spontaneity and creativity flow, which led to all sorts of audio adventures (notably, a transmedia kidnapping and a no-holds-bared code off). And one of our concepts ties in perfectly to our week with Creativity Works!

In their study, Creativity Works! found design to be a major component of Milwaukee's creative industries (check out features on the maker-history of Harley Davidson and how Kahler Slater attracts talented folks). While not engaged in traditional fine art, these folks are thinking on their feet, wielding creativity and solving problems. In order to really capture those ideas in an audio, we employed one of my favorite tools -- the ambush interview.

So on a regular old weekday, we put out a tweet asking if anybody in the Third Ward was down for an impromptu interview. No time to prepare or plan. In fact, we didn't even tell them what the interview was about. Lo and behold, a digital marketing agency named Fullhouse responded and we showed up at their door a couple dozen minutes later. These are the results:

"Hi. I have a microphone. I'd like to interview you right now." A few of the voices were definitely caught off guard by the ambushing, and they did a phenomenal job of rolling with the punches. The folks at Fullhouse definitely stepped up to the moment.

And just so you know, dear reader, your place of business may be next -- be prepared for an interview at any moment.