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The Alliance School: Art and Social Justice/Safe Streets Healthy Kids Week 4

Mix three parts young artists, one part art teacher, sprinkle in some social justice, a parade and pageant, song-writing, writing-writing, puppets, Rock em Sock em Robots, and what do you get? Art and youth-leadership, baby!

Three juniors from The Alliance School---Kearra Wieting, 16, Kelly Harold, 16 and Emiliano Luna (16)...along with Emiliano's killer platform shoes--and their art teacher, Jill Engel, take on social justice, civic engagment and art in collaboration with the Milwaukee Public Theater and the ACLU of Wisconsin. These youth leaders are preparing to participate in the third annual All-City People's Pageant and Parade which takes place Labor Day Weekend. Yeah, it seems like a long way off, but it's going to come up faster than you can say "Scary clowns"!

Feast your earballs on this!