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Aussie Afrobeat, Spaghetti Reggae and Brazilian Beats, New Music on Sound Travels

As I get myself ready for a week of reggae and Peter Tosh giveaways and live-broadcasts at Summerfest, I had a bit of new music to share on Monday that was all over the place. While there's nothing new in that there is much that is new, and the first thing I brought was an interesting cut called "Journey Through Time" from an Australian band called Shaolin Afronauts that sounded like a wicked cross of afro-tastiness; hints of the Budos Band and a bit of Antibalas in an instrumental with enough of a trail to get down to. 

Cloaked in mystery (literally, cloaked on-stage), this crew of Adelaide-based musicians also credits influences of Fela Kuti, Sun Ra, Mulatu and Pharoah Sanders. This is interesting for me, and it's some high level listening; but the proof must manifest musically. And on their new album Flight Of The Ancients, it does for the most part, the best parts; while at times it falls a bit flatter, but still trying hard. And it's a band that's hard to hate; though their name is a bit tougher than their stuff, they get it right enough to really get into it. Check 'em out...

Shaolin Afronauts "Journey Through Time"  Flight Of The Ancients

Shaolin Afronauts "Shaolin Theme"  Flight Of The Ancients

Baile Funk, the dance music scene's Brazilian darling just a few years back, never seemed to really blow up like I thought it might, but it still might. What it will take, is a true talent to emerge with the looks and hooks to cross the language barriers at the speed of a sound accessible to more than those with their ears to the underground-- someone who could help it grow into something a bit more ripe. Zuzuka Poderosa, might just be that talent. I've been collecting the singles and EPs she's on for a while now, and the latest is called The Dona Sandra EP with Irish producer Orquesta, might be the best.  Orquesta deftly dips  Sonora Peligrosa into some  DJ Reaganomics with Zuzuka glueing the whole thing together with her sweet, tropical swagger. The best part, it's free on their bandcamp site. She's a talent to take note of to be sure and has toured with some of South America's biggest groups-- fire!

Orquesta "Dona Sandra feat. Zuzuka Poderosa" The Dona Sandra EP

Brazil's Fabio Goes got my attention as I was scanning some new releases and noticed Curumin was on his new album, O Destino Vestido De Noiva. As it turned out the cat was tuned in. This talented dude from São Paolo, Brazil has been releasing music since 2007 and his new album looks like the real deal; with guest appearances from the talented chanteuse Luisa Maita, Kassin and Curumin it's hard to go wrong.

Fabio Goes "A Rua"  O Destino Vestido De Noiva

Last but not the least, is the latest from Italian dancehall reggae star Alborosie, whose latest album 2 Times Revolution isn't quite out, but in my hands, and all the way excellent. Reggae albums really aren't this good these days but Alborosie is a unique talent. Few would have expected success for a white European in the Jamaican dancehall scene, let alone one who splits what he spits from English to Italian like a long lost yardie from a faraway Ital land (oh wait...nevermind). Like his last release, there are collaborations aplenty with new choppas and classic chanters like Junior Reid, Etana and Steel Pulse's David Hines. It's a good album and and I recommend fans of reggae to grab it cause your summer jam is here... Check these two...

Alborosie "La Revolucion"  2 Times Revolution

Alborosie "Camilla"  2 Times Revolution

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