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Rhythm Lab Pick | BADBADNOTGOOD: Introducing Jazz To A Whole New Generation

When I first started to gig as a DJ many moons ago, I spun Jazz every Tuesday night at a place called Sursumcorda in Minneapolis.  I always love Jazz since I was around 14 (thanks to my pops).  However, it is very rare to find any 14 year old today digging on Coltrane, Miles Davis, or Monk.  I can tell you a lot of 14 year olds are probably into Hip Hop even though Hip Hop has roots in Jazz. 

What if I told you that a young Jazz group out of Canada might actually get young kids and teenagers to check out more Jazz music?  Let me introduce you to BADBADNOTGOOD. BADBADNOTGOOD is Jazz trio from our neighbors to the north, and have been putting out Jazz reintreptations of songs from artists like Odd Future, Gucci Mane, A Tribe Called Quest, and most recently Flying Lotus.  And you know what? They do a damn good job making some amazing renditions.  Each of the members of this trio are not even at drinking age.  Below are videos of them performing their small, but impressive catalog of Jazz renditions of songs from Odd Future, A Tribe Called Quest, and Flying Lotus.  If you dig the music, the trio have provide some of the music for free via bandcamp or directly from here. Who said Jazz is dead?

1. The Odd Future Sessions Pt. - Goblin



2. The Odd Future Sessions Part 1



3. Electric Relaxation ( A Tribe Called Quest Cover)



4. Camels (Flying Lotus Cover)


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