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Of New Music and Some Very Vintage Reggae - Sound Travels...

Marcus here to get you caught up on the world music of the early week. A double post here with details from todays set of vintage reggae as well as Monday's new world music. 

Today we turned back the clock on some dusty reggae gems and got the Classic Reggae theme started with a set of ska vibes with a couple of early, but strait-ahead reggae tunes from vaults. And in this we shall continue all week long, with golden era reggae classics from here on out this week. Today, I served a batch of music that looked something like this...

Prince Buster "Al Capone"

The Skatalites "Nimrod"

The Ethiopians "Everything Crash"

Bob Marley "Caution"

The Pyramids "Jesse James Rides Again" 

The Viceroys "Love Jah"

On Monday, the search for new world music was an interesting one that led me into a whole host of possibilities (as usual) and the set was a little unusual as I reached back in time for another new cut from Nas & Damian Marley's excellent joint offering called Distant Relatives . I played the song "Patience," an excellent cut buried deep in the album that's not exactly reggae stylistically. Actually, the cut is practically a remix of Amadou & Mariam's "Sabali" from their album Welcome To Africa and as Nas notes mid-song, Sabali means patience, " least that's what the old folks say." Has to be my favorite from the album and why it made the cut. Checkit!

Nas & Damian Marley "Patience" Distant Relatives

Kinjo, an artist who hails from the French Basque country and lives in the city of Bayonne there, is making some amazing music that is rich and eclectic. I couldn't find too musch on the artist other than a rather non-descript MySpace page and a web-site in French with a bunch of dead links, but the song I found on his new album Electrophony, is excellent. 

Kinjo "Je Suis..." Electrophony

Eighteenth Street Lounge recording artist Ursula 1000 is not a robot, despite the kitschy moniker. Actually, Ursula is a 'he,' breakbeat scientist Alex Gimeno, who on his new album Mondo Beyondo finds many musical means to get to the party with your jam intact. A mix of instrumentals and tracks backed with a choice bag of singers, that packs a punch. Natalia Clavier here on the cut I shared Monday, "Tropidelica," that leans on vitage Brazilian music for its edge that turns out to be quite sharp...

Ursula 1000 "Tropidelica feat. Natalia Clavier" Mondo Beyondo

New music from DJ Molfetta rounds out the new music I played on Monday. Honestly, I wish I knew more about this enticing little Latin cut, but I do not, and find that I have dug deeper than the internet goes. If you know more, please share. Here's the tune I played from a hot little one-shot single...

DJ Molfetta "Caramello el Bombon" single

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