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Goitse This! Sound Travels Ireland

Sound Travels has been all about Irish music this week and today it got very live as I had the Irish band Goitse (pron. Gwi-tcha) in the studio for a performance today at noon. Of course with Irish Festhappening at The Henry Maier Festival Grounds, you knew this week would be all about the Emerald Isle and Goitse certainly did not disappoint.

Goitse is an Irish five-piece (though to be fair Conal, the guitarist, is from Philly,) that knows their stuff. The band, which is now entering its third year, was formed after an opportune invitation to play in a session for Telethon at Dolan’s, Limerick. The session underscored an evident chemistry between the musicians and ultimately led to the formation of Goitse itself. All five band members are well versed in traditional Irish music having studied it at University together and with three years as a band under their collective belts, are well known and respected within Irish music circles. Their recently released self-titled CD includes many of their own compositions and owes its distinctive sound to the collaborative arrangements by all members.

Members like  Áine Mc Geeney, a vibrant fiddle player and tender-toned singer who's toured with the world famous “Lord of the Dance." Or  Tadhg Ó Meachair, who is one of Irelands top young piano and piano accordion players.  James Harvey, the youngest member, has claimed four All Ireland Banjo titles in a row and a further three on the Mandolin while band-leader and Bodhrán player  Colm Phelan has won back to back All Irelands and a World title playing his drum.  Conal O’Kane, the American in the group, grew up learning fiddle and banjo during summers in Buncranna before learning guitar in Philly.

Goitse is one of the exciting bands performing  at this year's Irish Fest. Matter of fact you can see them live tonight at 5pm on the Aer Lingus Stage and throughout the weekend at various times at Irish Fest. I definitely recommend seeing them, they were amazing in the studio, and I have the audio to prove it...

Goitse on Sound Travels 08/18/11-

Just in case you were wondering, Goitse is an informal Gaelic Irish greeting meaning ‘come here’… why not Goitse self down to Irish Fest tonight and listen to this exciting young band. They definitely found a new fan in me... 

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee