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El Bulli | You Will Eat This Film Up At The Milwaukee Film Festival

Let's face it, most recent food documentaries have been less than appetizing. Documentaries such Food, Inc., have looked at the dark side of food. As a foodie, I always wanted to see documentaries about the creative & positive side of food and cooking.

One film at this year's Milwaukee Film Festival aims to do just that. "El Bulli: Cooking In Progress" is a documentary that looks at one of the world's best restaurant, which closed this past July. This is not your typical restaurant. El Bulli was based in Catalonia, Spain and when it was opened, it was opened only part of the year. The restaurant was the brainchild of world renowned chef Ferran Adrià. El Bulli mastered the culinary concept known as "molecular gastronomy," which basically integrated scientific methods into creating dishes. Ferran created dishes such as seaweed waffles, mussel spheres with double cream, salmon belly and pickles and other out of this world concoctions.

Even Anthony Bourdain's show "No Reservations" dedicated an entire episode to El Bulli before it's final closing. Bourdain was initially a skeptic of Ferran's techniques until he visited the restaurant a few years ago, and now he is a 'true' believer. Even so, that Bourdain made a stand alone movie about the restaurant and it's founder called "Decoding Ferran Adrià."

"El Bulli: Cooking Progress," directed by Gereon Wetzel, takes a close look at the creative process and inspiration behind the influential restaurant. If you are a foodie, or someone who likes pushing the boundaries of creativity, this film is for you.

Saturday, Sept 24 | 4:45pm Downer Theatre
Monday, Sept 26 | 7:00pm Ridge Cinema
Friday, Sept 30 | 7:00pm North Shore Cinema

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee